Hydrogel gel pads, thin/1pair

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Disposable hydrogel lint-free eye patches.
High Quality Lint-Free Under Eye Patches.
The eye patch is designed for eyelash extension, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming and Facials; lint Free Smooth front side can avoid lashes sticking to the eye patches; Hydrogel Eye patches will protect the lower lashes and give you a comfortable eye treatment during eyelash extension application.

Direction of use:
Clean and dry the eye area.
Apply the eye patch on top of lower lashes, avoid touching the eye.

Please use immediately once ite is opened.
Disposable product. Do not re-use.
Please stop using this product if irritation or redness.

Non-Woven cloth coated with Hydrogel, Laminated with Film.

Water, Clycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin
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