Island Girl Maxeylash Maintenance lash serum 3ml

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What is Maxeylash Island Girl?
    Maxeylash Island Girl is a new proprietary formulation containing Black Sea Rod Oil from the Caribbean Sea. It is a nutrient-rich, clear liquid that has been designed to nourish and refresh your lashes as you sleep.
How much Maxeylash Island Girl will I need to use during each application?
    Only a small quantity (one fine line at the base of each eyelash with the applicator) is needed to maintain your lashes and keep them healthy and full.
How long will Maxeylash Island Girl last?
    Under normal usage, one vial of Maxeylash Island Girl will last approximately six months.
Can I apply the eyelash conditioner to both upper and lower lashes?
Can I apply Maxeylash Island Girl under my other makeup products?
    Yes. Maxeylash Island Girl is a clear formulation that can be applied under eyeliner and mascara.
Where is Maxeylash Island Girl made?
    Maxeylash Island Girl is produced in Austria, under the most demanding conditions of quality assurance.
Does Maxeylash Island Girl contain parabens or prostamides?
Has Maxeylash Island Girl ever been tested on animals?
    Maxeylash Island Girl has never been tested on animals.
Will the package I receive contain everything I need to use Maxeylash Island Girl?
    Yes, the product is packaged similar to a liquid eyeliner. Maxeylash Island Girl is packaged in a vial that contains a brush for easy application and transport.
What does Maxeylash Island Girl feel like when applied?
    Unlike other lash products that may cause a stinging or burning sensation, Maxeylash Island Girl is formulated as a cool and soothing base and is much less likely to evoke any irritation.
Can I use Maxeylash Island Girl during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
    Please consult your physician.
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