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Mikrokiust harjakesed. Mugava peenikese peaga harjakesed ei aja kiude ning on ideaalsed väga täpse töö jaoks. Sobib kasutamiseks nii eelhoolduses, kui ka ripsmepikenduste eemaldamisel.

101 GREEN-FINE- roheline, peenike- diameeter 2,0mm, pikkus 100mm
103 WHITE-CYLINDER- valge silinder- diameeter 1,5mm, pikkus 100mm
100 BLUE-REGULAR- sinine, keskmine- diameeter 2,5mm, pikkus 100mm
102 VIOLET-ULTRAFINE- lilla, kõige peenem-diameeter 1,2mm, pikkus 100mm

100 harjakest on pakendatud karpi, mida on mugav kasutada.

  • FINE REPAIRS: Finely and precisely repair small areas of paintwork damage with the mixed pack of touch up tips. The micro brush swabs are particularly well suited for car paint, for example, to fix stone chips or damage from hail stones.
  • LINT FREE: Unlike regular brushes, the fine automotive repair swabs remain free of lint and dust for a clean and precise finish to your paintwork.
  • FLEXIBLE HEADS: The head of each swab tip can be angled to fix scratches precisely and dab fiddly areas that brushes and cloths just can't reach.
  • VERSATILE: As well as touching up car and bike paint work, the detailing tips are also the ideal tool for fine work and small crafts such as model making and repair.
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