Bonding Beautyline Gel 5g

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The Beautyline Gel series provides a particularly firm hold and combines all the positive qualities of professional gels. The fiberglass gel, with particularly good adhesion properties and easier for problem nails and completes this gel series. The ideal, low-acid gel for problem customers. It is a gel of the highest level for an optimal result.

  • Acid arm - Gentle on natural nails
  • Very good stability
  • Pleasant wearing feeling
  • Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation

Description BEAUTYLINE
Premium quality UV Gel for nails with adhesion problems. Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to EU Cosmetics regulatory. All types are Acid free

Bonding-Gel clear
• Viscosity: thin
• UV Gel for the ground (first step), for a perfect adhesion

  • Ensures optimal adhesion
  • Thin viscous - Light and economical application
  • Low acidity and heat development
  • First layer on the prepared natural nail
  • LED ~ 30 sec | UV ~ 120 sec
The Masterline Bonding-Gel clear ensures the best possible adhesion. It provides reliable adhesion for a long lasting nail design. The low viscous consistency allows a light and economical application with excellent results for a perfect modeling.

LED ~ 30 sec UV ~ 120 sec

After preparing the nail for the model, apply a thin layer of bonding gel and cure it. Do not remove the dispersion film! Continue the modeling with the builder gel of your choice. The bonding gel can be cured under all lighting systems.

Builder-Gel FibreGlass clear
• Viscosity: medium
• With very small, invisible Fiber Glass particles for thin application and long durability.
• For natural nails, tips and modeling forms.

Builder-Gel FibreGlass rose
• Viscosity: medium / thick
• Ensure long durability.
• Thixotropic Builder Gel, non-yielding but easy to apply For natural nails, tips and modeling forms.

French-Gel makeup rouge
• Viscosity: medium
• Camouflage Gel for a evenly nail bed

French-Gel makeup natural
• Viscosity: medium
• Camouflage Gel for a evenly nail bed

French Gel extra white
• Viscosity: medium
• For a very thin French manicure.

Finish-Gel klar
• Viscosity: medium
• UV Gel with a light blue touch.
• To seal the nails for a perfect shine

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