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CatEye #1 Gel 5ml


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Tavaramerkki: Enigma
Yksikkö: tk
UV curing time (in seconds): 120
LED curing time (seconds): 90
Middle viscous
Semi opaque
This special CatEye Gel can be applied over a Colour Gel. The CatEye Gel #1 is semi opaque. By CatEye Gel the Colour Gel is shining through. Instruction Universal Gel CatEye Gel #1: 
Apply the Universal Gel on the already cured Colour Gel and create a pattern with the magnet. The previously applied Colour Gel appears through the Universal Gel. Then cure the Universal Gel under UV light for 120 seconds or under LED light for 90 seconds.
Magnetic Gel for the special CatEye Effect.
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