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Артикул: 979
Бренд: XL-Lashes
Единица: tk
* Vali värv

Воздуходувка - удобный инструмент для сушки клея на ресницах.

From the design of professional designer, patent products, fashionable appearance and compact, easy to carry, strong practicability, built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, with unique and effective water evaporation cooling technology, which is a good partner of summer outdoor activities, tourism, leisure and business.

Charging: he charge state and work state show blue light. Charging full show red light.
Refrigeration sponge: Push Back the cover (see diagram 1 from box), take out the sponge which soaked in pure water, and swing it to flat, the install it back to the cover. Sketch map 2 on box.
The effect will be better if refigerate the soaking sponge.
Drop a few drops of perfume, which can blow out the charming fragarnce of breeze.

Product configuration: 1 body, 1 USB charging line, 1 hanging cord.

Product parameters:
Size:length 12cm, width 7cm, high 3cm
Net weight: 103g
Battery capacity: 400 MAH
Voltage: 5VBC
Working current: 250 MA
weight 0.155
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