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MaxeyLash is an eyelash enhancing serum containing active ingredients scientifically formulated to enhance the length, volume, and darkness of your eyelashes. Formulated in a cool and soothing liquid base, MaxeyLash is colorless and odorless. Same great formula with a new look and larger 3mL supply. Toss out the false lashes for your own beautiful eyelashes!


    Gently remove makeup and cleanse face
    Nightly, apply a thin line of MaxeyLash to the root of the upper eyelashes as though applying eyeliner
    Results from MaxeyLash are seen in as little as a few weeks*

Features and Benefits:

    MaxeyLash is a safe and simple eyelash conditioning serum for a dramatic lash look
    Noticeable results are seen in as little as a few weeks*
    Apply once per day with easy-to-use applicator
    Try MaxeyLash risk-free with our 90-day Money Back Guarantee**
    New! Larger 3mL supply

*When used as directed, applying once per day. Noticeable results typically seen in as little as a couple weeks, with full results in two months during testing. Results may vary.


Will MaxeyLash change the color of my eyes?

No, MaxeyLash will not cause any significant changes in the pigmentation of the eye.

How soon will I see results?

While results can vary, most customers begin to see results in 30 days, but it may take up to 8 weeks. For maximum results, apply once daily to clean skin. Do not apply more frequently than once a day.

Can I use MaxeyLash if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. An initial cool, wet sensation is often followed by a warm, tingly feeling; this is normal and should subside quickly. If minor redness of the eyelids occurs, try using once every other day until irritation subsides.

What happens if I stop using MaxeyLash?

Lashes have a natural growth cycle and will slowly return to how they were prior to using MaxeyLash.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with Maxeylash, we have a 100% money back return policy*, within 90 days of your online purchase. You will need to return the product and original packaging with proof of receipt to Maxey Cosmetics to receive your full refund.

*For online orders only. If purchased from a salon, please contact the salon directly for return policies.

View full instructions for returns.

How long does one vial of MaxeyLash last?
One vial of MaxeyLash is enough for approximately 4-5 months’ worth of applications.

Can I apply MaxeyLash over my eye makeup?
For best results, we recommend removing all makeup and skin care products prior to applying MaxeyLash.

If I apply MaxeyLash more than once per day, will I achieve desired results faster?
No. MaxeyLash has been optimally formulated to be applied once per day. Excessive application of product may slow or prevent the positive effects of MaxeyLash.

What ingredients are used in MaxeyLash?

Aqua, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Alcohol, Biotin, Sodium Hydroxide, Isopropyl Dihydro Noralfaprostal, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenethyl Caffeate

How is MaxeyLash applied?
MaxeyLash is packaged with a custom applicator built into the vial. Users apply a thin application of the serum once daily at the base of the eyelash on both the upper and lower eyelid before bed.

Is MaxeyLash a mascara?
No, MaxeyLash is not a mascara product. MaxeyLash is a clear, gentle formulation of nutrient-rich ingredients designed to condition your lashes.

Does MaxeyLash test products on animals?
No, products developed by Maxey Cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Does MaxeyLash contain parabens?
No, MaxeyLash does not contain parabens.

Does MaxeyLash Expire?
MaxeyLash is stable for years, but it does have an expiration period listed on each vial.

Can I use MaxeyLash on my eyebrows?
MaxeyLash has been formulated to be used on eyelashes. If you are looking to enhance the look and shape of your brows, we recommend using our specially formulated brow product, MaxeyBrow.

How does MaxeyLash work?
MaxeyLash supports healthy function of the hair follicle by assuring this balanced lipid environment for the follicle's natural growth cycle. Eyelashes appear longer, thicker, and darker.

How soon after starting use of MaxeyLash are the effects noticeable?
While results may vary, the initial effects of MaxeyLash may appear as early as 7-10 days. Typically, in a few weeks, your eyelashes will usually appear longer, darker, and thicker. 30-60 days may be required for full effect.

What do I do if I get MaxeyLash in my eye?
Rinse eyes immediately with water. Continue rinsing with water if irritation occurs. In case of excessive irritation, consult with your physician immediately.

What does MaxeyLash feel like when applied?

An initial cool, wet sensation is often followed by a warm, tingly feeling; this is normal and should subside quickly. If minor redness of the eyelids occurs, try using once every other day until irritation subsides.


The lotion is an off-white/yellowish color, has the product gone bad?
Lanterna can be quickly oxidized if exposed to the air for long periods of time. If your product is discolored, continue to pump lotion until it appears white. Discard discolored lotion.

How long after I begin using Lanterna will I start to see results?
Skin takes approximately one month to complete a turnover cycle. Until the older, discolored skin has been shed, it will mask the appearance of your newer and brighter tone. Results can be seen in four to six weeks, with continued improvement in appearance in subsequent months.

What is deoxyArbutin?
DeoxyArbutin is a patented cosmetic ingredient clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin pigmentation.

How often should I use Lanterna?
The deoxyArbutin does not build up or accumulate in your skin. It is intended to be used up to twice daily.

Do I need to use sunscreen?
DeoxyArbutin is not a photosensitizer and therefore has no effect on sun sensitivity. However, exposure to sunlight increases melanin production (causing a tanning effect). This will diminish the effects of Lanterna. Sunscreen is always recommended to reduce exposure to UV rays.

Will this product dry out my skin?
While Lanterna does impart some moisturizing effects; it can be included in any existing skin care regimen. A moisturizer is recommended if needed.

Will I have to use this product forever? That is, if I stop using this product will my sun spots come back?
Unlike the leading prescription product used to treat skin pigmentation, Lanterna is a cosmetic product intended to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and brighten skin tone. As such, continued use is needed to maintain the effect of Lanterna.

Can Lanterna be used in sensitive skin areas?
Yes, Lanterna is safe for use in sensitive areas. If irritation occurs, discontinue use in that area.



MAXEYLASH is a cosmetic eyelash conditioner containing active ingredients selected for their bene cial properties for improving the length, volume and darkness of eyelashes. Formulated in a cool and soothing liquid base, MAXEYLASH is colorless and odorless.


1. Before applying, remove contact lenses and gently wash around the eyes with a mild soap. Best if applied straight after bathing or showering.

2. Once a day at bedtime, apply a thin line of MAXEYLASH to the root of both the upper and lower eyelashes (as though applying eyeliner). Only a small quantity of MAXEYLASH is needed. An initial cool, wet sensation is often followed by a warm, tingly feeling: this is normal and should subside quickly. If minor redness or tenderness of the eyelid occurs, try using once every other day until irritation subsides. Do not apply more frequently than once a day. Excessive application may cause irritation and can slow or prevent the positive effects of MAXEYLASH.

The initial effects of MAXEYLASH appear between seven and ten days and are described as lashes that are firmer, more manageable and more curled upward. By day 30, eyelashes will usually be longer, darker, thicker and fuller. Once the desired look is achieved, applications may be reduced to every two days to maintain your new lashes. 30-60 days may be required for full effect.


Do not use if sensitive to any of the labeled ingredients. Do not get into eye. If contact with eye occurs, rinse immediately with water. Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation persists. In case of excessive irritation, consult your physician immediately. Excessive use of this product can lead to permanent darkening of the skin around the eye. Should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not share your MAXEYLASH with somebody else and always use it in a hygienic way without diluting it with saliva, water, or any other substance. Do not use in case of infection or eye surgery.


MAXEYLASH is not intended to stop, prevent, cure, relieve, reverse or reduce hair loss or to promote the growth of hair.
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